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Curriculum vitae

(Autumn 2006)

Present academic position:

Associate Professor of Epistemology and Indian Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb

Domains of research and teaching:

History of ideas in ancient and modern philosophies (Western and Indian); epistemology (historical, systematic and applied), continental philosophies of language, theories of discourse; philosophy of politics, ethics;

Academic writings (since 1980) include four books, studies, and articles on systematic and historical issues in both Western and Indian philosophies, as well as translations of philosophical works from modern (German, English, French, and Italian) and classic languages. (See my Publication List as well as a list of recent papers).

Professional profile:

University lecturer, philosophical writer, translator, journal critic, and editor.

Academic Record:

(1976-1983) Study of philosophy, German language and literature, old Greek and indology; M.A.(1983) in philosophy and German studies, with a MA-thesis in early Indian philosophy (University of Zagreb).

(1983-1987) Doctoral study of philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Tübingen (Germany); Ph.D. in philosophy (1987), with a doctoral thesis on Martin Heidegger’s criticism upon the traditional philosophy and his philosophy of ‘Being’.

(1988-91) Lecturer and senior lecturer in History of philosophy (ancient, modern, and Indian) at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade; in automn 1991, the position quitted as a result of the war in Croatia and other ex-Yugoslav republics.

(1992-94) Alexander v. Humboldt Research fellow and visiting lecturer at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Tübingen (Germany) with a research project in history of philosophy of language.

(1995) Junior Research Fellow at Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna (Austria) with a project in applied discourse theory (politics and ideology after 1989).

(1996-1999) Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophie, University of Tübingen, with a research project in epistemology, semiotics and philosophy of language (supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

(1996-1997) Visiting senior lecturer in postgraduate study of epistemology at Institutum studiorum humanitatis (ISH), Ljubljana (Slovenia).

(2001-2003, 2004-) Senior lecturer and Associate professor of epistemology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb



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