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Current Research Domain:

(2003-) Semiological Aspects of Epistemology of Knowledge, Media, Discourse, and Subject Theories – Issues of Realism, Interpretationism. Intersubjectivity, and Rhetoric

Preliminary studies and papers:

The Knower and the Liar. Semiotizing Knowledge (in Croatian, download)

The Zero-Degree of Media. Reading Literature as Performance (in Croatian, download)

Understanding McLuhan: Media, Ideology, and Discourses (in Croatian, download)


Research Project 1996-1999

Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophie, University of Tübingen, with a research project in epistemology, semiotics and linguistic analysis of metaphor (supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)


Papers: A collection of studies on rationality, reference, and truth value of metaphors, partly presented in public (book in preparation); see samples of papers in English and German; further papers on metaphors and interpretationism in Croatian (see publication list)

(1995) Junior Research Fellow at Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna (Austria) with a project in applied discourse theory (politics and ideology after 1989); see samples of papers in English.

Research Project 1992-94

Alexander v. Humboldt Research fellow and visiting lecturer at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Tübingen (Germany) with a research project in history of philosophy of language and rhetoric.

Papers: A collection of papers in German on Hesiod’s and Anaximander’ poetical use of language to philosophical purposes, and on Plato’s and Aristotle’s construction of theory by rhetorical means (partly presented in public, book in preparation)

See now: The Invocation of Muses in the archaic epos, the myth of truth, and the genesis of the knowing subject (in Croatian, download)

See also translations into Croatian of works by Tübingen Platon Scholars published (see translations)




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